BigCommerce Staging Platform

Stage, Collaborate
and Deploy like a Pro!

The most comprehensive platform for creating staging environments to seamlessly integrate with your tools and workflow.

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Run multiple projects, save time with faster development & deployment cycles.

Store Owner

Test on Staging. Deploy with Rollback each time and allow team Collaboration.


Now you have own branch, own website and own codeset! Develop and Deploy like a Pro!

//Managed environment builds

Highly automated, cost effective solution

for accelerated development

Easy to use

Simple web interface for environment launch and management from BigCommerce Control Panel

Accurate replica

Create Staging Website as a true replica environment with the same data as production & theme

Flexible Setup

An environment that is fully auditable with rollback and can scale up to meet growing team contributions

Well Integrated

Integrates seamlessly with Github, Atlassian JIRA and Microsoft Teams

//About Us

Staging Platform

of choice for BigCommerce

We pride ourselves to provide the most comprehensive platform for creating, managing and developing on BigCommerce. Be it design changes or data migration; we have a solution that is designed to save you a lot of time and costs.

Pre GoLive test

Test the design and catalogue data thoroughly on staging before deploying to the live website.

Fast Onboarding

Onboard new developer in minutes.

Secure and risk-free

Risk free deployments to live without zero risk of pushing untested codes/features.

//Other Features

Here Are Other Features

Available With Our Solution

Simple Code Shift

Easy button-push that moves codes to production with ease and confidence.

Sandbox environment

Use an isolated testing environment with unique urls and anonymised data for safe development.

Quality Assurance

Allows structured code flow and code screening/evaluation checkpoints for strict quality control.

Multiple feature tests

Testing multiple feature releases from multiple developers seamlessly.

Power Tools

The solution comes with built-in power tools.

Notification Alerts

Trigger notifications for deployments for easer validation, testing and troubleshooting external integrations so much easier.

// All key benefits

Why Choose Us

Environment Provisioning

Highly automated and highly available Docker-based out-of-the-box solutions to construct environments quickly as part of the development life cycle.

GIT driven versioning

GIT driven infrastructure for code versioning and command line push.

Deploy actions

Deploy actions can also update theme files, catalogue and other data sets.

Data Anonymisation

Anonymising customer data is possible for safe and secure testing environments.

Business Focus

Business advantage to focus on other areas without distraction as the solution does the work for you.

Service Optimisation

Optimise online services in a cost-efficient way.

Team Collaboration

Individual team members to a cohesive team, even across different geographic regions allowing development teams to benefit immensely from effective collaboration.

Best Practices

Enforce best practices and industry coding standards.

Project Delivery On Time

A structured solution that allows for the timely completion of software projects within budget.

Test With Confidence

Every team member can test 'as if' they were on production, without direct access to live.


Code reviews and validation ensures that only clean code reaches the live environment.


Comprehensive CICD and Staging Platform


Launch StagingPro

Decide how many staging websites you will require. Customise as per your workflow.


Select data for migration

You can clone the Staging websites with data and design or select a some data to move.


GitRepo and Branch created

Each Staging will have its own GitHub branch so you can test and deploy confidently.


Connect your tools

Add your GitHub, Email id, Mobile, Slack or Microsoft Team Channel URL for notificaitons.


Start Deploying!

Start deploying design changes and move data between the environments with confidence.


Our Pricing Plans

Store Owner

$ XX Month
  • Clone Data and Design
  • Comprehensive CICD with GitHub
  • 2 Hours Of Support
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited data migration*

Agency & Developer

$ XX Month
  • Clone Data and Design
  • Comprehensive CICD with GitHub
  • 2 Hours Of Support
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited data migration*


$ XX Month
  • Clone Data and Design
  • Comprehensive CICD with GitHub
  • 2 Hours Of Support
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited data migration*
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